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Tripawd Warrior Princess Lylee’s first and last acupuncture treatment – EVER. (She told me to put that in caps)

We had a very nice v.e.t. come to the house, a couple of weeks ago,  to give our girl a special energy boost and alignment. Alas, Lylee was not amused and we now know she would rather a bully stick in the garden to help her energy than a strange lady poking her in weird places.

Bully stick therapy after the needle sticks

Lylee is still enjoying her special treats and hanging out in the garden; she has slowed down a lot and sleeps most of the time but we are keeping her comfortable. We have wonderful hospice team to consult with and support us through her continuing journey in dealing with the stoopid mints and cancer.

Hugs and treats to all

Joanne & TWP Lylee


6 Responses to “Who asked Me if I wanted needles stuck in me…..”

  1. jerry says:

    Well Shelby, who can blame a pretty girl like you for shying away from those scary needles? Heck, I’ll bet that bully stick made you feel a lot better than getting poked by the puncture doc!

    You look good beautiful, it’s great to see you here and know that you’re keeping a good eye on your pack. We love you, don’t ever forget that OK? You are a TWP FUR EVER! xoxo

  2. princess says:

    Oh Lylee, you were so brave to put up with that. I don’t blame you for not wanting those horrible needles again. Ugh! I’m glad you told your mum off for it. The bully stick looks like much more fun!

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your mum’s loving.

    Spirit Magnum

  3. maximutt says:

    We did a couple of accupuncture treatments for Max, and I think those needles stayed in him for about 10 seconds! It ain’t for everyone!! No problem Lylee, who needs needles anyway? I’m glad to hear you’re still doing well, even if you’re a bit slower. We all slow down as we “mature.” I think about you a lot Lylee, and I’m always sending you my most positive thoughts. You are the poster girl for all Tripawd Warrior Princesses!!

  4. Karen says:

    Awwww….poor Lylee!! Pegz really likes her acupuncture treatments. Except when i make fun of her when she has that one sticking our of the top of her head. Like you do in your picture!!! I ask her if she is receiving signals from the Mother Ship. The Vet thinks it is funny….Peg is NOT amused. 🙂

  5. krun15 says:

    The TWP chooses! Tani is going to the chiropractor, but we haven’t tried needles yet. She sleeps a lot too, I guess the ‘mature’ gals need a bit more rest. Hope to see you guys soon.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  6. doggiemomma9 says:

    Oh Lylee, at least you can say you tried it! It is not for everyone. I hope you got an extra bully stick for trying!

    Lots of belly rubs,
    Butchey Hudson’s Fam

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