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Photo: Lylee with her awesome surgeon Auntie Lisa (Alexander)

Abby’s Mom came up with this great title for us Tripawd girls – “Tripawd Warrior Princess”.  And it’s true! We are incredible super powered girls that amaze our family and friends with out love, spirit and tenacity. We even have special pink capes to fly with!

I’m happy to say that I’m half way through my chemotherapy. This next time they will do lung x-rays to check that everything is well. Then if so they will continue with the next three treatments. I do have rather low energy for a week or so after the treatment but then I feel all better again and life is good!

In fact life is so good I’ve put a little more weight on from my Mum giving me all my favourite treats and extra good food plus she started do home cooking for me. Now I really know that she really must love me as cooking is definitely not her thing to do, but I say bring on the beef stew! Yum!!

She’s not too worried by the extra weight gain as it’s easy for me to keep my athletic form. And hopping does give me a good workout 😉

Really looking forward to the next NorCal Tripawd Pawty! Only a few days to go now – Woo Hoo!!

Keep on waggin’ and lovin’

Lylee Girl


Tripawd Girl Power Forever!!!

(Thanks Abby’s Mom for a great picture!!!)

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3 Responses to “Tripawd Warrior Princess”

  1. AbbysMom says:

    Glad you like the picture!
    Keep kicking cancer’s butt, Lylee, you awesome Tripawd Warrior Princess!

    Wish we could go along to the Nor Cal get together! Have fun!!
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  2. LOVE the picture!! Abby’s mom did a wonderful job!! You go Lylee ~ you tripawd warrior princess!! May you have so much fun with your mum ~ always! She loves you so!!!Hope you feel better & better so you can keep eating all of your favorite treats!!
    Love from Indiana’s mom ~~Carol~~

  3. etgayle says:

    all hail the warrior princess!!!!! glad you are doing well and on the back half of your chemo – excellent!! hope you guys have a great get together, we will expect pictures!!

    charon & gayle

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