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So in honour of her six month ampuversary like only a  Tripawd Warrior Princess does ~ she is now graced with pink, yes, PINK jeweled tiara-like necklace (collar is so beneath her).

Long reign Tripawd Warrior Princess Lylee Girl!!! TGP furever!

Her 12 years young “Birthday” (she was a shelter rescue 11 years ago so she could be older) is this month too!

Do I have to model my necklace?!

(And, no, her mother will not let her wear it to the beach!)

Love, huggs & wags

Joanne & Lylee Girl


PS We went to her oncologist last week and she will be staring the Metronomic Protocol next week . All her tests looked great and she is feeling very well in herself 🙂


Joanne & Lylee Girl


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11 Responses to “Six Month Ampuversary for Lylee Girl!”

  1. etgayle says:

    happy ampuversary!!! what a STUNNING addition to your ‘bling’ collection. we’ll celebrate here in ET and make sure sam (aka squirrel boy) gets extra cheese. keep up the good work and keep showing the world how a tripawd warrior princess gets it done!

    charon & spirit gayle

  2. riosmom says:

    Yeah, way to go Princess Lylee! Way to rock the pink!!! Glad to hear you’re doing so fabulously, and we are totally green with envy over the beautiful new sparklies!!!

  3. Diane says:

    Wow! Very beautiful (just like Lylee!)!!! Congratulations on your ampuversary Lylee!!

  4. AbbysMom says:

    Abby actually gasped when she saw that!
    It’s stunning. May she wear it a long, long, long time in excellent health!
    Jealous in San Diego

  5. kviz says:

    Ooooh…Princess Pegz is SO jelly!!

  6. Dakota Dawg says:

    Lylee, this is fabulous news! I remember when you first joined our club and can’t believe it’s been that long. You’re showing us all how to live each day to the fullest. And that necklace doohickey is exceptional! Evelyn would be jealous if she saw it. I wonder if they make some masculine ones like that…Keep on with whatever you’re doing, Lylee, because whatever you’re doing is wonderful!

    Love, Dakota

  7. anjl says:

    Stylin Lylee Girl….of course you were dazzling without the bling!
    Wishing you many hoppy ammpuversaries!

  8. fightingforsammy says:

    Yay Lylee! Keep on stompin’ warrior princess 🙂 You are amazing!
    You look lovely in your princess gear,

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  9. rumblesmom says:

    Oh, Lylee! what a beautiful blingy new collar that is! Congratulations on six months! That’s super!

    Dakota…I’ve been boxer-rockin’ a studded pink leash for 6 months now. And you know what a macho stud I am!


  10. chilidawg says:

    How did I miss this post?!? Hoppy Ampuversary, Lylee! Love the bling! I remember when you joined this community- I hope you got lots of treats 🙂

    Dakota, Finchy has been boxer-rocking a purple harness and collar for going on 5 years now, and he’s as macho as Rumbles. You could definitely pull it off.

    Spirit Chili Dawg

  11. jerry says:

    hey I’m late to the pawty, but I just want to say that this bling is sparkly but it still doesn’t outshine your pawsonality Lylee!

    Hoppy Hoppy Ampuversary pretty girl!!!

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