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Photo: Watch ~ I’ll be doing this with 3 legs very soon!

This is what I posted on the Tripawd discussion forum:

“We just got ‘that’ phone call from the surgeon about the pathology report. Unfortunatley our Lylee does have osteosarcoma and it is a highly aggressive one :(( cry

We are still assimilating the news and so are deep shock. We were really hoping for no cancer as the previous tests were so inconclusive.

It was good we amputated sooner rather than later.

Ugh – why does cancer exist at all!!!!!!”

So now we enter the path of cancer treatment. We were hoping for the “box” from our decision making process to be “Surgery; No cancer”. It is all so yucky!!! Ron & I have already experienced our own brush with cancer diagnosis’s.  So this, unfortunately, isn’t too unfamiliar.

Chemotherapy is the next allopathic line of defense for osteosarcoma. Apparently 80-90% of these cancers have already metastasized, usually to the lungs in the form of micro-metastasis. Her lung x-ray in May looked clear but we will do a follow up

We will go see the oncologist at the specialty hospital where Lylee had her leg removed. And we also go up to UC Davis Teaching hospital, they have a number of clinical trials going on plus it  is one of the top places to go to for all things medical for our furkids.

We will also use other healing modalities with her. There are many other ways to heal that are not so invasive. So we do have lots of options.

Keep sending love, prayers and healing thoughts coming this way.

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3 Responses to “Lylee’s Pathology Report”

  1. dosleger says:

    Sorry to hear about all of this. Our Lorna (3 year old Bullmastiff) got the call from the Vet May 30 that it was best to amputate….June 1 we dropped her off. It was like a band aide. Now…..24 days later she is back to her old self….i know the return rate of this cancer but hopes and prayers are what we need. Good Luck and post some more pictures!

  2. meghanhowell17 says:

    Wow, and all of those tests were so inconclusive. I hope there is some peace for you to know that you made the right decision with amputation. Now, she has some of the bad stuff out and start healing to feel better. Stay strong!!

  3. chilidawg says:

    Stand strong Lylee! Chili Dawg had osteosarcoma as well, and we are approaching his 2 month ampuversary and he is doing well 🙂 I don’t know why cancer has to exist either, it’s horrible and frustrating and makes you want to punch someone, doesn’t it? It sure makes you appreciate each and every day you have.

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