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Photo: I’ves sand on my nose and I’s very ‘appy!

My Mum and Dad took me to the beach yesterday – day 23 from my surgery. They said it would be good therapy for me. And you betcha it was! I got my toes wet in the sea and let my fur down in the wind and and a hoppin’ good time.

Below is a video of me doing my beach thing – ooh, it felt good 🙂

I just started digging with my front unipaw all by myself, it just ‘appened! Works great too. And then the rollin’ just followed, like, naturally. My Mum sounds rather crazy on the video, but I think that was just because she was ‘appy to see me getting back to my old self (We furkids have to forgive our skin-pawrents for lots of things ;))

She kept the leash on – not sure why ‘cos I usually go free, I always like to stay close-ish to her. I thing she is still a bit protective of me – that’s okay – she loves me lots.


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7 Responses to “Lylee is a ‘Beach Star’!”

  1. chilidawg says:

    Way to go Lylee! Looks like good fun to me!

  2. moreplants says:

    This is encouraging! Looks & sounds like you are both having fun!! This is definately something to look foward to.

    Our boy, Tripp, originally a name for what he did to us but now short for his new status, is only at day 9 and is still preferring to sleep most of the day and night away. Hope to see this kind of energy back in a few more weeks!! We have the floatation vest on the way to ease his transition back to water play.

  3. Chloes mom says:

    Awww Lylee is such a cutie! Her face kind of reminds me of my Chloe 🙂 Oh and Chloe is quite the beach girl too, since we live by the beach we go at least once a day to explore the sand! Glad to see Lylee is doing so great!!!

    -Chloe’s mom

  4. meghanhowell17 says:

    I love reading about Lylee’s progress. She looks great and I love the video! Great work, Lylee!!

  5. fightingforsammy says:

    You sound so excited you got my furry kids up and wagging! She looks amazing, I can’t believe she is digging so soon, wow! Happy day 🙂

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  6. Jackie says:

    Abby loves to get her toes and nose in the sand too. Looking great Lylee!

    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  7. jerry says:

    Lylee, you really are a rock star you know?

    I LOVED going to the beach. My pawrents were overprotective at first too but after a while they learned to chill.

    It’s beautiful to see you looking so hoppy sweetie. Keep it up!

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