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Lylee And The Seal

Lylee girl enjoying a day at the beach.

The warm and sunny weather continues here in Northern CA; we should be receiving our rainy season rain but alas the sun shines and the temperatures stay perfect. Unless we get significant rainfall we are heading for a drought this summer.

This makes for great beach weather. Lylee, Monkeybutt Happy and I decided to take a few hours and go to our favourite place. So, Lylee and I were kicking back on the sand and were peacefully watching the sunset while MB Happy takes to cruising the beach – there was no one else around so it was safe for him to explore.

Then I notice him stop about 20 meters from us and sniff the air and then he suddenly runs back to us with his little ears back and his tail tucked in. Huh? This little dude is usually zooming around totally carefree. Lylee then gets up and goes over to where MB Happy had stopped. I then decide to check out this place too and as we got closer MB Happy’s reason for a fearful response was clear…. a harbour seal was sunning itself on the beach!

Lylee sez “there is seal looking at me but I thinks it’s friendly but if not I still can runs faster than it”

Lylee was the epitome of cool while MB Happy started to bark and so got leashed and gagged. We kept our distance as we didn’t want to disturb our sea going friend.

MB Happy stays on his Mama’s lap just in case the big, scary seal comes over to try and eat him.

Here the seal decides to go back to the top of the beach for a nap.

Sunset 🙂


6 Responses to “Lylee And The Seal”

  1. megr says:

    Oh that is SOOO wonderful.
    I love the pic of Lylee, with that grin. We call that the skoofy happy face.

    Great adventure, great pics. Thanks!

    Meg and Gandalf

  2. samsamsmom says:

    Oh Lylee, you look so happy! So glad you had a great day! Xoxo Sue

  3. etgayle says:

    what a beautiful, beautiful day!!! thanks for sharing the video – we’ve never seen how a seal manuevers. lylee looks so content.

    charon & spirit gayle

  4. Judy says:

    What a memory making experience! Lylee and her Monkey Butt are so cute! They really look happy. Many more lovely days!

    Wags and Slobbers
    Judy and Baby

  5. Gosh, don’t know what happened… I had posted a big long comment that didn’t show up.

    Anyway, always happy to see pics of beautiful TWP Lylee enjoying the beach. Too cool to have the seal in the background in the pics!

    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

  6. jerry says:

    Oh Lylee, how I miss those Northern California beach days. What a lucky girl you are! And Happy too!

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