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Here is Ms Lylee Girl aka HRH TWP Lylee (Her Royal Highness Tripawd Warrior Princess Lylee) riding in her seriously cool chariot. The trail we walk on is a little over a mile and she gets to walk half and ride half. Whenever she wants a rest she just gets in and when she wants out -well, out she gets. (The pink round thingy just above her is her special TWP bike horn)

It’s been amusing to see how she has come to appreciate her chariot. Early on she wasn’t too sure of it – it feels a bit wobbly as it’s on wheels and, yep – it moves! Well now shes like, let me in, I need a rest. She is quite regal about being in it – observing the world as it goes by 🙂

The trail we walk was converted from a former railroad to a multi-use trail and is very cool as it goes along vineyards, apple orchards and pasts lovely estates. It’s a well used trail by many; runners, walkers, many furkids and cyclists.

We have had very positive comments from people about her new mode of wheels except one. Yep – there is always those folks.  A single older guy walks by and comments on what a strange stroller and then when he has passed us says “ugly”. Huh?! Well, my husband, Ron and I look at each other saying did he really say that?! So hubby calls after him, “She had cancer and only has three legs, she’s fighting osteosarcoma”  The guy turns around with an embarrassed smile and we just stare at him. He got it!

If we see him again I’ll introduce him to Lylee – we like to educate people to the max you know 😉

Meeting up with the rest of the gang!

Grammie walks half way down and turns around; because the trail system goes for many miles it intersects roads, so I get dropped off at one end of a trail section and then her Dad & Grammie drive up the other end and walk down to meet us halfway and then we all walk back together. Until we got Lylee’s chariot she couldn’t do the whole trail section and had to do the halfway walk with Grammie – now she gets to do the whole walk!

Her Highness stretches her legs

Heading home – I love the look on Lylee’s face “That’s my Dad pushing me”.

Next post – our next beach walk 🙂

Hugs & Royal Wags

Joanne & HRH TWP Lylee

6 Responses to “The Princess and Her Chariot”

  1. Judy says:

    I love these pictures! We just got Baby a buggy and I’m hoping we can get her used to it. She hates noises and surprises, so we’ll have to go easy, but seeing Lylee’s expression makes me determined to give Baby a chance at that experience!
    Enjoy your walks Your Majesty.
    Wags and Slobbers
    Judy and Baby

  2. Great post! Great pics! HRH TWP looks fabulous.
    I’m glad you guys gave that man what for and set him straight. Sometimes people need to know that they are behaving like idiots.
    Here’s to many many many more rides for Lylee in her chariot.
    MBBunny Rita sends nose pokes,
    Jackie, Angel Abby & Rita

  3. riosmom says:

    She looks so happy in her “royal chariot!” Love seeing that sweet TWP out and enjoying herself.

    You’re a lot nicer than I would have been to the man who made the comment…


    PS: I sure miss being a TWP mom……… Give your’s a hug from me.

  4. megr says:

    The buggy is great! Gandalf loves his too…his is a bit different…it’s a bit tippy when he doesn’t sit right in the middle…and the sides catch on the wheels if he leans against them…I had to put in “bumpers”. And I got some orthopedic foam for padding…

    She looks so comfortable!

    lots of big pats to HRH TWP Lylee

  5. etgayle says:

    great pictures – lylee looks so regal!!! so glad you guys are able to enjoy the outdoors together, especially with grammie!!

    as for the ‘moron man’…he is a fool, not worth the effort of continued thought. if you see him again, just ‘honk’ with your TWP horn and go past…

    charon & spirit gayle

  6. Cindi Crowder says:

    Oh, this is soooo wonderful! What a great way to start my day 🙂 Congratulations to Lylee for taking to her wonderful chariot. A royal way to travel indeed!! Much love from Auntie Cindi, Uncle Jack and Shelby Pie

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