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My Bone Biopsy

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Photo: Me saving the world from evil kelp seaweed

Hello fellow doggie pals,
My Mum ( She’s British so you can translate to Mom :)) took me back to the torturing place again, (it’s also a healing place, so she told me), well, they give me huggs and kisses but I still don’t like the place. But they were very thoughtful and gave me and my mum our own room with a couch and a bed for me where I got to stay with my Mum,  a lady came into the room with the first pre-med sedative and I finally got to relax ( I got a bit stressed waiting and then they took my temperature (why up the bottom?! There has to be a better way!:( )

Anyway, my Mum gave me a nice doggie massage and soon I was much calmer and relaxed. I knew “something” was going to happen as Mum was explaining about going for a little sleep and then a few bits of bone from my sore leg was going to be taken and then sent to some other place where they were going to to see why it’s been such an ouchie leg.

The lady came back and took me to another room where they gave me more stuff and then I don’t remember anything else until I woke up. And even though I was still quite sleepy they brought me back to my mum and then I had more nice massages from her. I was very determined to split this joint ASAP so I willed myself to wake up. As soon as I could I camped out right by the door that I knew was the one to freedom. So my Mum called someone and said we were ready to go.

After the Lady who did the actual stuff on me visited us again, she gave me a hugg and kiss too and I leaned against her but still…. (she also saw me earlier before I left my Mum for the little sleep), and then we were allowed to go. (I didn’t even want my Mum to leave the room go and pay up for all this torture business while we were waiting to go, oh no you don’t, and she wasn’t going to push that ‘cos she knows I am a really good girl, super, super sweet, and they are always commenting what a nice girl I am. It’s true too 🙂

So Mum drove me straight home where I went to my favourite spot right under the dining room table at Grammy’s feet (my wonderful Grammy, who is always giving me treats & love, is staying with us for a while). And then I had a lovely long nap 🙂

Lots of love from,

Lylee Girl


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4 Responses to “My Bone Biopsy”

  1. chilidawg says:

    You’re a trooper Lylee. I remember my bone biopsy- I sucked up lots of extra love- you do the same (wink wink)!

    Chili Dawg

  2. etgayle says:

    geesh, what a rough day!! glad you got home and went under the dining room table…medicinal napping is very good!!

    charon & gayle

  3. admin says:

    Yum! You had us at Kelp … Jerry would be proud. 🙂

  4. Ayya Tathaaloka says:

    Love you Lyla ~

    Abundant mettaful loving kindness and all the best of good wishes ~

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