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Enjoying A Beach Hop

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Photo: Lylee and her Dad on the beach

We had a great short visit to the beach – a special treat for Lylee Girl. The weather was perfect and the wind was not too bad. The locals call Bodega Bay, Blowdega Bay, as the wind can be so strong at times.

We tied her leg up, like she had it last year when she broke it, so she couldn’t put weight on it. One for pain and also ‘cos she had the bone biopsy recently. She did great hopping. She is a star girl 🙂

We are struggling with the decision to remove her leg on Monday. If it was certain she had cancer it would be an easy choice to do so but we don’t really know. What to do? Ahh!

Send love our way please.

Will let you know how it goes.


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2 Responses to “Enjoying A Beach Hop”

  1. riosmom says:

    Here’s hoping for good news on the bone biopsy.

    Rio didn’t have any pain in her leg, and that was where I was conflicted — If she’d been in pain, as much as I hated the idea of her losing her leg, I would have struggled so much less with the decision.

    But whatever you decide, it’s the right decision, because you know your situation better than anyone else.

    Sending you all our best wishes.

    Rio’s mom and Rio

  2. meghanhowell17 says:

    I had second thoughts the day of Bo’s surgery too…especially when I found out they were doing it later in the afternoon. I was ready to change my mind and pick him up before they went through with it.

    But, Bo was in pain and we could see it in his sweet eyes when he looked at us. The day he came home, that pain was gone. Surgery recovery has had it’s ups and downs, but we are 19 days post-op and Bo is doing great! He went swimming for the first time after surgery yesterday and rolled around outside all afternoon today.

    Whatever you decide will be the right decision…good luck to Lylee!!

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