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Well, it all started off very innocently, we thought a day at the beach would  be lovely for Barney. We were inspired by Angel Bo going to the beach and Lylee loves going for her beach romps too.

So here is Barney at the top of the beach path all ready with his towel and cool shades.

So we started down the path, Barney asked me to take his towel, apparently dinosaurs don’t like to carry stuff when they are on the move – whatever.

When we got to the beach we made sure Barney read the signs posted as the waves can be dangerous and we just wanted a nice day on the sand….. (Lylee’s already having fun on the beach)

Another sign – just to be certain Barney gets the idea of wave action, etc.

Barney wanted do a bit of sunbathing, so we helped him choose a nice spot on the sand and he seemed quite happy….

Then Barney jumped in a hole – dino peek a boo or something…..

Then he wanted to take in the view from the vantage point on top of a rock – plus he was safe from the waves…..

Next he wanted his photo with the Pacific Ocean behind him, but we were like, Barney never turn your back to the waves! You need to move – now!!

And he wouldn’t – the stubborn little dino!! So we sent in Lylee to rescue him and this is what happened…….


Oh no! Barney is about to be engulfed by the Pacific Ocean!!!

Oh my! Just as we thought we would lose Barney to the ocean depths, Lylee dashes into the waves….

grabs Barney securely…

and drops him on the beach nobly gives him the ‘kiss of life’. Way to go Lylee Girl!!!!

Here he is all wrapped up in his towel back on his rock, no worse off for his little encounter with the sea (well except a little damp and sandy). Then we promptly marched him off the beach and speed back home (via Costco).

Who wants Barney next. Soon. Please.

7 Responses to “Barney’s Day At The Beach”

  1. etgayle says:

    too cute…we think lylee was trying to do a ‘blackbeard’ on barney and bury him in the sand!! hope he didn’t get too much sun….

    charon & gayle

  2. AbbysMom says:

    OMD, those pics are hysterical. Love the shades.
    But Lylee missed her chance to drown him! She could have held him under!! She’s such a nice girl to save him. I bet he wasn’t even grateful. He’s such a chump. (Won’t carry his own towel! Geez.) Did he also demand you rub sunscreen on him?? Such a dino diva.

    Jackie & Abby

  3. cometdog says:

    YAY Lylee! Way to make him think you were helping him! He’s a purple putz! Where’s a shark when you need one?!!! Geeze.

    Did he steal those John Lennon sunshades on his way to your house? I heard he is a thief also! I hope you got your towel back!

    You did us tripawds proud Miss Lylee!

  4. chilidawg says:

    OMD, love it, love it, LOVE IT! Barney is such a diva! He always thinks he knows best, doesn’t he? I hope you didn’t put sunscreen on him and he got a little burn, would serve him right.

    Jenna and Spirit Chili Dawg

  5. meghanhowell17 says:

    This story made my night!! Too funny!!! I love the shades, towel, and sunbathing!! Thanks soooo much for sharing!

  6. jerry says:

    Salty Barney!!! Baaaaahhhhaaaaahahaha! Glad that stinky bugger finally got a bath!

  7. Dakota Dawg says:

    Wow! Lylee is so brave! She’s like a boy scout, or girl scout, or something. Noble, brave, thrifty, sanitary, prepared, indulgent and sexy. I think those are the requirements.

    Someday Barney may visit me, and if he does, I hope I can be as nice to him as you were, Lylee. I’ve heard he smells! Not in a good way, either.

    Love, Dakota

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